Sunday, August 5, 2007

wait...whats that? *sniff*

the guys who just should of sat on the bench and watch scotty-my-butt-is-very-prominent-baker be all cute and throw awesome=0

Oh. *sniff* wait..pine tar?
Yes but..there's something else there.

OH. OH. Victory. *eats air* delish.

Scotty Boomalotti oonst oonst (sit down, bitch jr) Baker.
8 shut out innings. Delish.
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Don't let those pouty eyes fool you. He steals your soul with each strike.
And then Nathan came out, and did what he does best. Win games.


A week and a half ago we were 9 1/2 games behind.
Now we are 4 1/2.
Think if we win tomorrow.
Depends might be in use.

Torii Hunter a couple of days ago:
Saying naughty things about the team and his position b/c he was crabby pants.

"We're playing pretty good ball at the right time,"(ORLY TORII)
Twins center fielder Torii Hunter said. "[Detroit has] been losing and I think Cleveland's been struggling a little bit but at the same time we've been playing well ... We need to smell it(dem rbis, betch.), smell that blood and it'll keep us hungry."
I wouldn't peg you for a cannibal. Or even a vampire.
I think Morneau is the vampire, considering he has those "canadian teeth" (if you don't know what I'm talking about. Well that's just sad)

Tomorrows game # 7:10pm:
tweet tweet (byrd) and HI HO SILVA AWAY

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Katie said...

I love Torii's quote. I think it appeals to my own more aggressive, competitive and predatory qualities. Chew em up, spit em out, make them cry like babies, take no prisoners, etc.

I'm totally like Emilio Estevez in the Mighty Ducks, BEFORE that little rag-tag group of cherubic minnesota pee-wee hockey players melted his heart and taught him several valuable life-lessons.

Karleeee said...

I'm kinda of like the drunk sarcastic coach in bad news bears.

Before I got put in my place by tatum o' neil. Whore.

ps: lollercoaster.

Rachel_Slowey said...

Torii was a krabby patty.. haha

but he's better now..

and i hope he's sorry for the mean things he said

oh.. and Scott Baker = <3<3

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