Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100th post.

And of course, who is it about?

I guess we are trading him to the mets for 4 "young prospects"
These are my thoughts: what the...FUCK!

Thats about it.

On the upside Led Zeppelin is going on tour.

I guess we don't need a dh.
Kubel and Monroe.

I'm sure going to miss watching hockey, because ya know...they like to win.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Seriously, I have to stop myself from muttering and swearing under my breath. What a fucking waste of hype!

You are right, on the plus side Led Zep may be rocking the Xcel Center!!!

Karleeee said...

I guess the awesomeness for led zep to go on tour cancels out the suck of the johan situation.
Kind of.
Not really.
I'm just sick of them building the team for the future. BUILD IT FOR NOW. PLZ.

L said...

Hey-- just wanted to say that I miss Johan too... and I'm surrounded by a couple of ecstatic Mets fans out here...

Also-- sorry, I couldn't find an e-mail or anything for you--
I'm a MN native going to school in Boston and I've just started my
own Twins blog with a friend of mine. I'm wondering if it would be
okay for me to put a link to your blog from mine; some people
don't like this, so I wanted to check.

My blogs site is: http://onemangrandslam.blogspot.com/


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