Friday, March 7, 2008

Now here's a trend I can get used to.

We beat the bo sox.
Then the Reds.
Then the Yankees.
Then the Orioles.
(and we probably would of won against the devil rays since we were ahead and if we did one more inning THEN it rained, we would of won. Damn rain)
And today?
We had split teams and *gasp* We won against the Jays and the Bo Sox.

Is this the MN Twins I'm watching?
Am I obnoxiously happy for opening day? Yes?

Morneau finally went deep against the bo sox and his lil ol buddy Monroe did a home run RIGHT after him, I wish it was on ESPN because those stupid announcers would of gotten hard core tongue tied. Because the Yankees game it seemed quite hard for them to decipher between morneau,mauer, and morales.
Mike lamb went 2-3 with a run scored, he's funny,awkward and can also hit!

Twins 4 Jays 0
Bo Sox 2 Twins7

Oh and one more thing:
Twins 5-3; Red Sox 3-6.
That's the grapefruit league standings.
Oh and an fyi, thats against the 2007 world series champions, just to let you know. I don't know if you know. So if you didn't there...I threw it out there with a vengeance.
Tomorrow The Twins will play the Pirates in Bradenton,Florida at 1:05, with Scott Baker starting.

My feelings for the past week: YAHTZEE!


L said...

And people say we're going to suck...

I walked past Fenway today and saw all the WS banners and just went "Wait-- what? 7-2? Yeah. THAT'S RIGHT!"

Karleeee said...

hahaha *pumps fists*
gotta represent!

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