Saturday, March 1, 2008

Twins 3 Boston 8

Boof did an amazing job.
I'm very excited for this season.

Sorry, I'm too excited.
Ahhh, that busch light kid cracked a homer, good for him.

from the tribe:
"2B Nick Punto made a terrific play in the first inning, racing behind the pitcher’s mound to field a high chopper from Dustin Pedroia and then throwing across his body to get the out at first base. Punto also had a good first at-bat against Hideki Okajima, fouling off several two-strike pitches before flying out to the left-field warning track."

March 31st. Come now.

oh yeah I wanted to break this out for ev' I have a reason to:


Katie said...

Yeah, I was a lot happier about this game than the 3-8 score would suggest.

Karleeee said...

Now TODAYS GAME made me kinda ticked.
We had a comfy lead...then..

Nevermind, lets give up runs YAYYYY.

But Mauer had two walks and a single.
Good eye baby jesus.

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