Friday, February 29, 2008

Why does this make me VERY happy?

Santana line:
IP -2
H - 4
R - 3
ER -3
K - 1
BB -0
ERA - 13.50

I know this will probably be the only thing I will smile about today.
We're playing the red sox tonight.
I don't know why I just feel as if we will get spanked.
But it does make me feel good seeing how horrid Santana did.
So I guess even the "best" can completely just BLOW ASS.
SO red sox, blow ass please.

My fave player at the moment: Juan Gonzalez
Ya know, the guy who's had one at bat the past 3ish years?
He hit a 3 run HR against THE Johan Santana.

The absolutely innocent and pure and gentle Karlee.


Nick N. said...

It makes you feel happy because you're a terrible, terrible person. Shame on you.

Katie said...

It makes me happy too.

It makes me as happy as Santana looked on that SI cover.

We're so evil.

sarah* said...

I was so happy they Lost.

Stupid Santana.

Know who else we can Hate?

Torii Hunter.

L said...

Haha awww...I don't want to hate on Johan, but...good job Juan Gonzalez. Maybe Johan will realize that he should have begged to stay with us. Maybe it's karma...?

Karleeee said...

Ahhhh yes karma is such a big ol' bitch.
And Nick yes, I am a terrible person.
You love it.

I don't know if I'm ready to hate torii yet.
I have to wait until opening day to decide that.

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