Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Naughty Gardy...

twins 2 canadia 1 (12 innings)

First off.

Uh, yeah that last post I said about...uhh.."gobacktotheminorleauge"
I quite possibly take that back.
You were amazing.
You made me squeal and my jaw drop.
And it didn't help I drank a whole bottle of boones farm and god knows how many beers.....
Karlee was going all batty. (I roll mad deep,yo)

Maybe if I keep on saying certain players suck, they will do good....who would I think sucks now?

Cuddyer at first?WHAT. Yeah, I got confused.
I thought I was already drunk.
Good job for getting on base twice and scoring the only two runs. *bows*
Gardy, I love how you stand up for your players.
When you get mad I swear you are going to turn into a huge bear and paw the umpire in the face.

We're 5.5 behind.This is the only time I'm liking texas

side note: I'm watching the best damn sports show period. And they will be having an interview with morneau(canadian baccccoonnn).
I'll ATTEMPT to "quote" some silly things:

"how would you do if you charged the mound?"
"id probably get a bruised lung or something"(oh..sarcasm..he needs to be hugged for that.)
"yeah im a hockey player i just play baseball in the off season"
He stated that mike redmond walks around the clubhouse naked, but we all knew that by now.
(see..I tried.)
All in all it was a loooong but fun Twins game.
until next time....


Rachel_Slowey said...

i know who you can hate next!!


then maybe he can hit HR #1~~!!

even if he doesnt it's okay.. because he is a piranha... and that's how he rolls!

ps, you could be the next batgirl! so much saddness she had to say goodbye, but these blogs remind me of that! =]

jakev287 said...

rachel makes me sad

Karleeee said...

I could never be as amazing as bat girl. But I miss bat girl too, and hey..I want to try to make the baseball fans happy. We always need a little sarcasm and sass in our life.

Tyner makes me cringe sometimes. (but so does punto but he's just too precious to get mad at. I've tried)
But he was okay tonight.

piranahh power.

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