Tuesday, February 17, 2009

should have seen this coming a million miles away

Let me make this short and sweet.

Bill Smith,

You are sneaky. But not THAT sneaky.
We were all wondering as to why you did nothing in the off season?
How it's aware we need a good 3rd basemen.
Now I see what you were doing, you were waiting for Corey Koskie to
emerge out of his crypt to say "meh...lets do this!" and have at the ball and bat once more.
If this is true. I might spontaneously combust. I really don't want to die. I like the guy but if we sign one more person who used to play for us and think:
"maybe THIS TIME they will be good/ lets hope they dont get another career ending injury"
I just might...AGH!
Just let the guy play catch with the guys, feel like he's cool again and then just give him a werthers original and pat him on the back for a good days work.

ps: we need to drop Bonser. I said it.

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