Tuesday, October 6, 2009

being a night owl has it's perks

After the win on Sunday I ripped my cell phone from my pocket and frantically started calling the twins box office. To no avail the busy signal screamed in my ear, for a good 4 hours. And online was just as bad. A virtual waiting room? Really? It was way worse than a waiting room at a hospital. At least there you know you will be seen. Dialing over and over and waiting online brought me back to the *NSYNC days trying to get tickets. So stressful, I suggest never put yourself in that position.
Around 9:30 at night the site finally said 'no tickets available' and I felt my heart sink. Lil ol' me not going to the most important game of the year? Poppycock I say! I sadly go to bed and as I wake I check online and it says the same thing. I watch that Monday night football with that Favre guy and all I could think about in the back of my head was "Must. Get. Tickets."
I finally grasped onto the fact there is a 1 in a 50,000 plus chance I'll get tickets still. Before I lay my head I check online one more time.....

HOLY CRAP, the ticket selection screen pops up?! It was like seeing color TV for the first time. I pound at my keyboard seeing whats available. Section 141 row 5? I start squealing. I order the tickets. I call my friend, and we celebrate. That night felt like Christmas eve.

Needless to say I am kind of excited for tonight, no matter the outcome this will be a moment I will never forget.

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