Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OH HAI, I have internet again.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, not blogging for like, a month pretty much put a damper on my life. I missed aimlessly typing away complete BS for you guys to read, truly. Did you miss me? I surely hope you did. So here is a "The Season So Far ROUND UP"

- So, there is a falcon who sits on the right field foul pole. Everyone decided to name him Kirby. Come on people get creative, please. Before finding out it was an actual falcon I thought LaTroy HAWKins was pretty funny. Or Stephen HAWKing. But finding out that damn Kestrel was a freakin' hawk it crushed my witty bubble. I am going to be calling is Kessy the Kestrel. Or Karlee the Kestrel, I bet you money it's a girl. And Karlee is a wonderful, beautiful, elegant name.

- Nick Punto decided to pick up a bat and swing it, and hit baseballs. And no, not where you think he hit them. Not flying out to left or a ground ball to second base. Oh no, he hits them and gets on base. Gets runs. And Rbi's. His batting avg is currently .261 and hitting .333 / .783 at home. (avg and ops)

- Justin Morneau is a beast.

- We won a game at Yankee Stadium, that is a big deal. Massive. I really hope they means the 'curse' is over.

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2rgCezfB-k watch that. It is all the hilarious.

- I still don't like Jose Mijares. And I would like to know why he got sent back up. Seriously, can someone tell me a valid reason why he is back up?

Okay kids, I will post more often. I missed you <3

ps: If you want to listen to some hot jamz, let me suggest you a song or six

I Feel Better by Hot Chip

Brothers by The Black Keys

Home by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes

Bulletproof by La Roux

Horchata by Vampire Weekend

So Far Around the Bend by The National


myjah said...

Dude. Kirby the Kestrel. He sits on the foul pole right above Gate 34, makes great catches, loves the Twins.... come on? Aren't all good animals in Minnesota named Kirby?

And it is a male. Someone from the raptor center said so.

Karleeee said...

Okay so Karlee is out. And I think it's creepy cause the first thing I heard someone say that "it's the ghost of Kirby Puckett" and I hate ghosts. So, that kind of rubbed me the wrong way right away. Haha. And also, if he was reincarnated he would TOTALLY be a cat. But I am going to have to deal with his name, Kirby the Kestrel. I guess it fits lol.

Dan Cook said...

Welcome back!

More silliness is always appreciated. Have there even been any more Kestrel sightings recently?

I wonder if Kirby (sorry, I think the name's stuck at this point) peaked with his twitter account.

It was a nice run, but I think we'll all have moved on in a month or two.

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