Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here are a couple things I have noticed/thought about over the past week of seeing the Twins play.

- Bad pitching is contagious, kind of like a sneeze.

- Good pitching is contagious, kind of like something less scary than a sneeze. Because really, they are pretty much mini panic attacks. Tiny jihadi attacks to your self being.

- There ain't no party like a Nick Punto party because a Nick Punto party don't stop. After seeing him at the Major's at Major's thing, he can not only pick up his team on the field but really get people hammered. And put WAY too much eye black under my eyes.

- That Delmon Young character is a good baseball player, don't chya know?

- I am one leg on the 'get Cliff Lee omg!!!!1!!one' bandwagon. Everyone brings up trading Slowey or Blackburn, I personally think we don't need to trade a healthy starter for a two month rental. Not worth it. Get a couple triple-a and a couple double-a and lets call it a deal, am I right?

-Also, we have been in a rut as of late pitching wise. It's not like they are going to stay like that for the rest of the year. Yes, we need one extra 'oomph' to be a contender if we make the play offs. But lets not dwell on that right now.

-Minnesota Twins fans need to start enjoying baseball, and not stressing out over it. It's a past-time. Relax, watch these guys do what they love doing and cheer for them. And drink a ton of beer, eat hot dogs, and laugh when a girl says "Why are they boo'ing Kubel?"

- I am louder than Orlando Hudson with one beer in me.

- I started muting the TV for every other game and putting it on closed captioning because I need a break from Dick and Bert's old man shenanigans, ya know stating the obvious, talking about how pitchers should go 9 innings and 'that's an out in Oakland'.

-I started playing The Weepies, The Blow, The Black Keys, and The National whilst watching baseball. I consider that a way-too-much-awesome-combination. But I can handle it. Add in some gummi bears and a huge bottle of smart water and I'm golden.
( side note: I like bands that start with "The" I guess)

- Carl Pavano's mustache haunts me. Remember the Mario Brothers movie with Dennis Hopper in it? My dream was just that, but Pavano was a Mario Bro. Yes, Dennis Hopper was in it still. Why would I replace his bad-ass-ness?

-I need to make business cards, because writing on the back of a UFC flyer is not classy. And I am a classy girl.

- Seriously, STOP proposing at games guys. I mean yes, it's cute but not when it happens every day. Get a bit more creative.

- Height wise, I come up to Rauch's part I shouldn't come up to. This makes for a very awkward picture taking experience.

-Oh look, I have a personal blog: Musings From An Amuser
I don't think I've spoken once about baseball in it, yet. YES, I do have other things to talk about, shocker. I will be talking about my transfer from the city to the country, college, music I'll be making, music I enjoy, and other randomness in my awkward life.


CapitalBabs said...

seriously, some of those pictures had me nearly peeing myself I was laughing so hard!

TOTALLY wish I had been there with you guys!

Karlee said...

I should never be allowed to have a beer around baseball players. Or even men in general.

It was quite the fun time. I was being a lil buzzed networking bee.

shannon said...

Let's see the pictures with Rauch!

Karlee said...

Hahaha, I'll post the pictures soon. They are a hoot.

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