Monday, June 2, 2008

Jeter you silly foooooool

Lat time I checked, when ANYONE, even ichiro hits off the right field wall you know better that you BEST not try to turn that into a double.

But this foolish man thought different:
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ya know, the very homosexual looking one?
Okay the one on right right in the front. HIM. YEAH. PETER, oh..Jeter? Oh alright.

But he hit a "I'm Derek Effing Jeter wanna be double" off the wall where the cobra commander lives.
He's a part of the fantstic four, see the stretchy guy :)

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When he throws I hear a faint whistling noise comming towards me, oh...whats that? Oh it's a MISSLE.

Jeter one word of advice:
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side note: Who else would play cuddyer BUT ADAM SANDLER, right? Right. Imagine him juggling a ball on the brim of his hat. He could so pull cuddyer off.



Kiki said...

Wow, that pic of Jeter I was afraid one of my co-workers would walk by and think I was looking at gay porn.

S.Rail said...

I don't know HOW Harris kept himself standing after catching that.(He probably stuck gum under his cleats.)That thing was a rocket!

RK said...

That picture of Cuddy Ruxpin is surprisingly nightmarish. Like it should be in a Silent Hill game or something.

I'm a fan of photoshopping - fantastic job.

Karleeee said...

Rk, I agree he should be a character in either silent hill or resident evil.

Kiki hahaha, if you do glance at the picture it surely screams out "butt pirates"

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