Friday, July 11, 2008

As if my crush couldn't get crushier.

Nick Punto has been on a 7 game hitting streak in which he's batting .478 (11-23) over that period of time.

YOU do not know how happy this makes me.
Wait, if you read my blog you probably do know how happy it makes me.

Last time I was at the game every time he was up to bat I'd sing "dream weaver"
The chorus not the creepy noises before and after the song.
I see the past games I've been people have been bowing and saying "we're not worthy"
That shits epic. I enjoy it thoroughly. If I was a dominatrix I'd whip out my.....whip.

Moving on.

Gardy pretty much said he's going to be our every-day SS.
I knew this would happen and I'm calling that we're going to win the division at the end of the year. We're going to sweep the white sox then go to kansas city and win them all too. I see these things.

Wishful thinking brings you a looooong way.

He's short.
He's "scrappy".
He's easy going.
He's a leader.
He rides unicorns.
He's a ninja, and lately a pirate because he's been stealing fast balls and hitting singles.
He's the resident slurpee maker.
He's Nick Punto.

....I'm not worthy.

PS: And all you Punto haters who hate on how he sucked and now you hate him more because he doesn't? Please send $1.00 to the "go f-yourself" fund. It's for a great cause.



becca said...

I've always loved Nick Punto, even when he was batting .210 last season. People that hate him can send $2 to the go f-youself fund. One for me and one for you. Great post! I loved it.

Karleeee said...

and another dollar for Nick.
He's going to make more off of that than his contract haha.

S.Rail said...

You can never hate Nick Punto. He may have hard times, but he's still great to us!

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