Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Come from behind wins

I think the MN Twins need to start wearing shirts that say "we like it from behind"
1: It's true.
2: It sounds kinda kinky.
3: It would look good on a blue shirt and big white Tahoma, Verdana or maybe Webdings if you wanna get all cryptic on peoples asses.

I was watching the home run derby because well, that piece of canadian bacon was playing.
Josh Hamilton is one crazy cyborg alien.
Oh yeah, if you guys didn't know but JUSTIN MORNEAU WON THE HOME RUN DERBY.
Yeah, espn didn't catch the memo I think their heads are too far up the sob story that is Josh Hamilton.
I mean don't get me wrong, that kid is one big piece of talent. And kind of nice to look at.
He has tattos, so he's automatically kind of a big deal. I wanna meet him and play the "I'll show u mine if u show me your(s).................tattoos"

But congrats Justin for being a super awesome guy.
We're only 1 1/2 games behind and we have the home run derby champ.
Watch out.


S.Rail said...

Yeah Seriously. All the reporters care about is Josh Hamiltion, Josh Hamilton, Josh Hamilton. Um, Hello..he LOST ok? Get used to it...we all know Morneau is better. ;)

RK said...

The moral of the story is that if you want to be a true champion you should do heroin for a while and then recover.

Mrs. Slowey said...

So my boyfriend has these amazing cheers that we used at the Chicago White Sox games...
The one person yells:
"Give me an 'A'".
"Give me an 'N'"
"Give me an 'A'"
"Give me an 'L'"
"What's that spell?"
"Coming from behind!"

Yup, the Twins are very good at that! :)

Karleeee said...

hahaha, thats epic.
rail, rk, slowey....I missed thee.

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