Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live From The Capital of Snuggie Cults!

Hi all this will be my first live blog of this year. Oh, aren't you thrilled?

Pre Game: Last night as we all know, we won. And also something else happened. The fans of the Angels showed us that the legalization of medical marijuana is still in full effect. Everyone in that stadium has cataracts.

Uh, this new Meteorologist on FSN makes me want to club seals. No not really, that is mean. I guess I should of said something along the lines of "makes me want to club him" ahhh thats better. Peta, hold down your pokey sticks.

Top of the first:

- ground ball outs make me sad. at least fly balls take longer. Sigh.
- Wow, ground ball outs 1-2-3. Let's hope the whole game isn't like this. Innings like that make my creativity go away.

Bottom of the first:

- Bert, you silly man. California math, just say you can't count.
- Yep. You guessed it. 1-2-3 ground outs.

Top of the second
-Gotta love it when you reach to first on a strike out. I bet Nick Punto wishes for those every day.
- Oh, Thome. Last time I checked you are supposed to hit home runs. Okay, I'll settle down. Next time.
- DELMON. Your lean cusine is ready DELMON.
- Oh, well I guess you weren't hungry enough to come 'home' and eat.

--sorry to cut this short but I need to start getting ready to go to bed :( getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Boo. GO TWINS!

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