Monday, January 17, 2011

May the Power of Bill Smith Compel You

I just had a visual of Ron Gardenhire dressed up like a priest, holding down Carl Pavano screaming "May the power of Bill Smith compel you!" over and over until the "wanting to go to other teams" demons leave his body. Being exercised makes him realize his best choice is to sign with the Twins. Its already worked once with Jim Thome, but it'll be harder to shake out the demons inside of Pavano since he's played for the Yankees. As we all know they are indeed Satan's little helpers. This is why they win all the time. This doesn't mean being evil has its perks (it does) and you should never sell your soul to the devil, only if you REALLY need something (but really, never do that).

As each day passes we get closer to Spring Training. Are you excited? I'm pretty stoked if I do say so myself. We had some good signings, some awkward trades and there are also some things to be done(like not trading Slowey so I won't flip my metaphorical shit) But the main thing is that we got good ol' Jimmy Jam back so he can mash his taters for the Minnesota Twins. I'd go and tell you the utter heartbreak that is Nick Punto being a free agent but we won't go there until its 100% sure that he isn't a Twin. I'm brain washing myself into thinking we'll sign him again.

I'll be blogging more from now on since its getting that much closer. For now, Karlee out!

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