Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Didn't Chewbacca Get a Medal?

That thought popped up into my head after seeing the Twins beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium tonight, five to four.

Why do you ask? Because we finally beat the Evil Empire. We are Chewbacca in this situation. They didn't get a medal because they had to do what needed to be done. Just like Chewy did, he doesn't need a medal to show people what he's done. He just did what he thought he should have done. Am I confusing you yet?

Or maybe Chewbacca didn't get a medal because the rebel alliance is run by a bunch of rabid anti-Wookite bigots. I could possibly be referring to umpires but it would make no sense, right?

Medal= Joe Mauer's fair ball during the play-offs.
Rebel Alliance= Umpires
Chewbacca= Minnesota Twins
Karlee= Opening up old wounds

You're welcome.

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