Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Twins Have Died From Dysentery

My buddy Ben from That's Twins Baseball has a hashtag on Twitter thats a hoot, and that hashtag is: #TargetFieldTrail. It pretty much seems like our axels on our metaphorical wagon are falling off, and with everyone getting sick it's like "Martha got bit by a snake" or "Bill has Dysentery" in the Twins clubhouse as of late. Be sure to check out that hashtag for hilariousness, in other news...I decided to use my best skills in MS Paint. Enjoy.

Make sure to follow Ben @Bennyc50 and me @KarleeKanz for more Twins hilariousness.


Paul said...

Funny stuff!! We need a mention of your boy Nicky Punto in one of those.

The hex on MN sports continues. It's great to read Tweets and blogs like this. If you can't go life without smiling about the twins latest woes, you take life too seriously

Karlee said...

I forgot to add in "beers to quell the sadness of the loss of Nick Punto"

You don't want to know how many I've had. Haha, and thanks for the compliment! In times like these its better to joke about it than have your undies in a bunch and being a debbie downer :D

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