Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hipster Kevin Slowey

Lately I've been looking at Memes, if you have no clue what those are google it and embrace the funny. After all of this mumbo jumbo about Kevin Slowey and the drama thats taken place and how terrible they're (front office, not Kevin) handling all of this, I decided to make memes of him.

NOTE: I adore this kid to pieces. These Memes are all in good fun. I hope you'll appreciate the sass. I wish one day something will make a meme of me. I'd be honored.

I now give you, Hipster Slowey.
(Big thanks to twikipedium for the pic!)


Anonymous said...

Where are the hipster glasses?!

Karlee said...

I KNOW, I didn't know how to put them on him.

....But Katie, see he's such a hipster he doesn't wear fake glasses. He wears fake contacts.

Maija said...


keps1230 said...

THANK YOU!! I love Kevin to pieces too... think he's a great guy, I'm happy to read other people write nice things about him!
Love it :)

Matt said...

I know Justin from Bon Iver, I literally just ran into him at the grocery store last week :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of meme is this? I've never heard of it.

Karlee said...

Keps- he seems like a swell guy.

Matt- Color me jealous.

Anonymous- This meme is the best, ever. Strictly because I made it.

Tim Stone said...

Known Kevin ever since I was a bat boy when he pitched at Winthrop, wish Twins would use him better somehow

Minnesota Twins said...

Indeed Kevin is a great player and i am looking him on the pitch science i was child,and his pics are looking like a great player and yes he is.

Karlee said...

Tim Stone, I agree. He has a very good talent and it seems like they're shaping him into a wrong type of pitcher. I feel bad to say it but he'd be better off with another team. Which sucks because its always a joy watching that kid pitch.

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