Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baseball is this years "Boy Band"

Every so often people try to market things to see if people will get interested. Just tossing a line out there waiting for a bite.

This is what Victoria's Secret is doing. Starting today over 100 stores in the states in which the teams they picked (Angels, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, Padres, Phillies, Red Sox, Twins, White Sox and Yankees.) will start selling their line of merchandise of shirts, pants, accessories and such to the masses. I see what they are doing here.

They are gearing it towards teenagers and young adults which is totally fine but to me they are selling out the whole aspect of baseball and what it actually means. Most men think women like baseball strictly for the baseball-ass and the cute players. That is truly just a plus but not near the main reasons we like baseball. We like baseball the same reason you males like baseball, and to tell you the truth I have won many baseball arguments, and it feels amazing showing a guy who's boss.

And to tell you the truth when it comes to making baseball merchandise for women the MLB marketing team has hit a brick wall. They don't know what to do, they tried the whole "lets make pink jerseys because ALL GIRLS like pink, right?" and well, a select few girls around the age of 15 bought those jerseys.

The idea is a good one, using a store where only women shop, with sayings on the shirts that say "love love love Twins" and "I only kiss Yankees fans" and may I point out that A: putting something like that on the shirt doesn't scream out "I'm a -insert team name here- fan" it screams out "I like heightening my chances of getting herpes or mono" and B: who'd kiss a Yankee fan? Am I being a little bit brash? Why yes I am but you come to this blog to see me lash out on innocent people. It's what I do.

Alyssa Milano is an example of something that was cute for a second but then came obnoxious. No I do not want Padre's jeans with their logo on my ass, thank you very much. I want a cute hoodie that isn't too bulky with a bit of a stretch to it to form to my womanly figure. I also like vintage looking shirts. They sure did a very good job making this one:

It's cute, nice colors, and has that vintage feel to it.

I am Karlee, I am a woman. I love baseball and I don't need to tell men I like kissing Twins fans, I think that is just a give in anyways. I don't need to parade around with a billboard on my body saying so. I'll be fine with my vintage t-shirts and my loud mouth, thank you very much.

/ Women's lib.


Katie said...

The thought had crossed my mind of buying that shirt, but then I decided I would much rather make my own cause then I can customize it how I want it.

Karleeee said...

See us twins girls fans are a crafty bunch. We'd rather spend money on much better things like.....cupcakes, a cheap t shirt, puff paint and baseball cards :) haha.

CapitalBabs said...

a bit of good news:

A recent visit to a Twins pro-shop has vastly improved my belief in their attention to fan desires. Not only do that have a MUCH larger selection of women's apparel, it's actually in TEAM COLORS!!! I know! Amazing, right?!

Haven't checked to see if they are actually making the new replica jersey's in Women's sizes (to avoid that pesky 'shirt to the knees' problem) but I'm optimistic because they are at least making them available in Youth sizes! Since I'm fairly small, that actually works better for me.

At any rate, make a quick trip and you'll find tanks, hoodies and assundries in Twins colors available for us REAL fans. (even though we still appreciate that guys love a girl that knows baseball ;o )

Katie said...

They do have a couple jerseys for women at the pro shop in Minnetonka. They have the white one and the new throwback jerseys :)

Karleeee said...

they have womens throwbacks!? And yeah, I tend to have to get a kids large because of my chest size and my damn height. Ahhhh, the downside of being an almost midget. Haha.

Katie said...

Yes they do :) I have a picture of mine on my facebook

Andrea said...

So glad marketers have realized that not all women enjoy wearing pink everything. I think the VS apparel is pretty cute, albeit a bit girly. Thanks for the great post!

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