Monday, March 22, 2010

Target Field is not picture perfect.

I recently went down to Target Field to take a looksie, I wanted to take in every single aspect of the park, even reading the funny signs on the "trash only" trash cans. On my adventure I found something pretty interesting.

The beautiful limestone, all the windows shiny clean. The plaza looks like a picture, no trash or cigarette butts anywhere. The pennants on the fence, and that massive bronze glove still shining in the spring sunshine. Everything is situated perfectly, just awaiting on thousands of fans to come and enjoy every minute of it.

I go towards the new Twins shop and venture inside checking it out then I walk out, then I see the Stadium rules posted.

uh oh.
Super bad typo. Unless there is a thing called "affectio" I think I'll call the stadium tomorrow and point that out. How embarrassing would that be? You're welcome, MN Twins for being an obsessive OCD type of person checking out EVERYTHING.


KL said...

Nice catch! It kind of sounds like a spell from Harry Potter: affectio!

Karleeee said...

That is the first thing I thought too, funny! "affectio patronum!" totally sounds all harry-potterish type spell.

CapitalBabs said...

well it's good to know they have rules against kissing ... now will they actually tell people to refrain from leaving or returning to their seat while there is a batter in the box???

yeah, a girl has to dream...

Betsy said...

i LOVE finding typos places!! is it wrong that i hope they don't change the sign?
and also...wouldn't the "kiss cam" TECHNICALLY be encouraging people to perform public displays of affectioN? just saying. :)

Karlee said...

I e-mailed some people at Target Field and they said they are fixing the problem, Ha. And that was my first thought, I guess they gotta ban the kiss cam because I have seen some crazy shit on that from time to time let me tell you. Haha.

Anonymous said...

"obsessive OCD" is redundant.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go to the ATM machine.

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