Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Say it ain't so Joe!

As we all know Joe Nathan has suffered a torn ligament in his throwing arm. My first response wasn't "Oh we are screwed" I genuinely felt bad for the guy. He won't be able to play in the new stadium, he has been an amazing pitcher and this shows how precious an opportunity to play a sport is. It can last a matter of years and then abruptly just stop.

I have the bad feeling this might be a career ending injury. Most of the time when a pitcher tears a UCL there is a very small chance they will be back to how they used to preform. We could only hope he is as lucky as Liriano or Rivera.

Now on to the people that would possibly replace him.

We have Pat Neshek, we all know he is good but he himself is still getting back to 100%
I think our best bet is either Jon Rauch or yes, I am about to say this, Jesse Crain.

Now lets think about what their walk on songs would be.

Pat Neshek would more than likely have something like Chiodos, Old Avenged Sevenfold, All That Remains, In Flames, Lamb Of God, Norma Jean...I can go on. All I know is that it would be BAD-ASS.

Jon Rauch? I have a feeling it would be about the same, but possibly more scary and bad-ass.

Jesse Crain would probably play Nickelback. And that just straight up angers me. Do not want.

All I know is that I will still stand up and shout, and I shall miss your deep exhales and twitching. Let's hope the surgery does wonders.


haasertime said...

Rauch would definitely play the least shitty music. By default.

Which is weird since everyone says he's a d-bag.

Karleeee said...

Hahahaha, when I saw him he was some-what jackassy but that is like his thing ya know? There has to be at least one charlie sheen-esque baseball player on each team.

Beth said...

Rauch is an enigma. I watched an interview at TwinsFest, where he was blunt, to the point of sounding rude. And yet, within a month of joining the Twins, he went on his own to visit the Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis.

I think Guerrier is also in the mix for closer.

Betsy said...

my vote is for Matty G. I like him better than Rauch...

Karleeee said...

Rauch totally is an Enigma. It seems to me that he has this bad-boy exterior and he has to keep it up but at night he sits at home and watches Project Runway and soaks his feet and eats bon bons.

I like Matty G too, I love that guy but there is just something about him that just.....it's weird I can't explain it.

If Jesse Crain pitches like he did during last year he would be PERFECT. He has the speed, the strong throws and he also has all of those necklaces.

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