Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cat Names

If you love the MN Twins and cats, this is the post for you.
I got bored. (insomnia= creativity time) so I thought of names for cats that sound like the players names.

Joe Meower.
Justin Meowneau.
Jason Mewbel.
Kevin Hissey (cause he is all the sassy)
J.J. Rawrdy.
Drew Mewtera.
Glen Prrrrrkins
Danny Meowlencia.
Jason Meowko.
Jeff Meowship.
Nick Mewto.
Ron Gardenmeower.
Cat Meowshek.
Taters. (Jim Thome)
Scratchy Baker. (mad cat)
Meowchael Cuddyer.
Ben Mreowvere.

.......okay I really need to go to bed.


Benjamin said...

Tabby Gardenhire
Denard Spayed
Catt Guerrier
Jim Petme
Carl Purrvano
Alex Purrnet

Karlee said...

*claps* thanks for those wonderful additions Benjamin!

Jim Petme.

CapitalBabs said...

how about Kevin Clawey?
Delmon Yowl
Hissy Crain?


I can see this getting very interesting...

DJW said...

i'll add to the fun...

Jose Pawares
Catt Furrier
J.J. Whiskers
Mr. Matt Craps on the floor

obviously time to go to bed...

Beth said...

Jason Ripko

Karlee said...

Catt Furrier, GOLDEN.
And Kevin Clawey, hahahaha.

Mew Ford.

margo said...

O-Cat Hudson
Trevor Plouffluffy
A-Licky Cat-See-Ya
Scat Ullger!

Anonymous said...

Trevor Plouffluffy gets a gold star from me...!

Anonymous said...

Why no Catt Mapps? I can see a lolcats Twins version now: "I can have savez??" :)

Andrea said...

that is possibly the cutest blog evar. we are totally naming our next cat "Taters"

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