Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I like sweeps, ya'll.

So we shut down the ligers and bitch sox, I'm guessing you all saw that.
Good times, sorry I didn't update during that awesome-ness. Too busy soaking in the awesome.
We swept them SO hard we didn't think twice about using the regular sweep.

We brought out the big guns my friends.
We needed the street sweeper 8000 xtz 6.0 limited edition with now %50 more extra sweeping action.
It's sweet looking, I'd drive that around.

Went to twins unplugged, that was pretty fun.
Cuddyer thinks I'm a klepto, since I steal posters off of walls for them to sign.
And Crain told me..."pretty nice inkage you got there"
Yeah I'm kind of a big deal.
And Blackburn, I will say this again. YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE JOE MAUER, you're actually attractive.
I'm glad you enjoyed my comment.
And ladies, Blackburn is engaged so put away your wedding dresses.

And for you Ozzie Guillen lovers, sorry....he's taken too.
Bitch Sox Loveeeeee

I have a feeling he'll be kicked out of the game tonight.
Anyone want to take bets?


S.Rail said...

Yuck. I am gunna go throw up now...

Karleeee said...

I'm glad so many people have felt violated because of this picture.

I win.

S.Rail said...

ok, who WOULDN't be violated? Everytime I see that picture, i shiver.

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