Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I like how you boys bounce back.

This is how serious tonights game was, I used my blogs title to use for the blog title. Did that make sense? Sure.

Punto got 5 rbi's

That looks better.
Here's my out-look on Nicolas Paul Punto:

He reminds me of the water boy.
Bobby Boucher.
He's a quiet, innocent nice little guy who is just all around a likable guy, but kind of a wuss.
But if you get him mad? He lets it out being amazing and doing good things sports-wise.

SO thank you nick for being a big suck not running on that bunt you thought that was foul, because then you spanked that ball to the left field then the right. Could Mike Lamb do that? DO NOT get me started on that.

Nicks new nick name= water boy

Carlos Gomez.
The #2 most awesomest person born on Dec 4th 1985.
You hit for the cycle, nobody has done that since Kirby.
I love your sassafrass. And how adorable you are. It's sickening.

Livan on a prayer.
You rock my world.

Karlee's feeling of the moment= Overwhelmed with awesomeness

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