Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nick Punto, save us!

Like I've said before.
We need Nick to play.

Here's proof:

Twins record with Nick Punto starting: 14-6

Twins record with Nick Punto not starting: 3-10

Yeah, chew on that bitches.


S.Rail said...

Ok, What is Gardee's problem? Punto should start at SS. I mean, what has Everette done that is more spectacular than Punto both Defensivly and Offensivly? NOTHING.

L said...

...Nick Punto should always be in the starting line up. I don't care if he's batting negative numbers.


And, while I like Adam Everett, he can't fly like Nicky can. I am always the first to yell "NICKY WOULDA HAD THAT!" if someone missing something on the left side of the infield.

Because it's so true.

Karleeee said...

hahaha I always do that.
It gets annoying, hahaha whenever I watch games with my friends when they see well, a ball go between mike lambs legs for example I'm about to scream "NICK PUNTO WOULD OF GOT THAT AND THROWN IT WHILE NOT STANDING ON THE GROUND!" and they just look at me and say "WE KNOW!"

angryscott said...

Nick looks so much more comfortable in the batters box this year, and five RBI's in one game ain't bad either.

Besides, thanks to Bat-Girl, I have a serious man-crush on the little guy. And I love to watch him slide.

So yeah, Nick everyday at either third or short.

BTW, the picture security thingy was - I'm not kidding - fhwqhadds. Someone likes Homestar Runner.

becca said...

No doubt! Let Nick play. Not only is his defense about as perfect as you can get, he's hitting the ball again! He has earned the right to be a starter.

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