Friday, April 10, 2009

Back to The South Side

Pre Game:

-I have come to realize just how important Joe Crede was to the White Sox. And it makes me just that much more excited to have him. Dingo= MN Twins Baby= Joe Crede. We stole your dingo, Chicago. Yes we did.

-I hope they stop showing the last game of last year. Please it hurts too much.

- Joe Crede is great. He is just cool beans, and all that and a bag of chips. He says Minnesota like Minnesotans do, I just got the warm and fuzzies. Why yes I did.

- R.A Dickey, I am kind of way too excited to watch you pitch. I just sure hope Morales can catch you. Nerves, I has dem.

Top Of The First.

-Bert Blyleven already wants to punch Dick in the face.....I sense it. Dick you just called Bert fat.
-Hooded jerseys? That just looks silly as all get out.
-......I wonder if Dickey is wearing a dickey....hehehehehe.
-Sand Castles takes a walk, with his cool hood. I want him to put the hood up.
- J Mourn up in teh hizzzzy. He is hood-less. It's because he's Canadian and 30 degree windchill is shorts weather to him.
-Sand Castle scores, by the most awkward J Kubes hit I've seen. Oh hai we are ahead.
- Cuddyer so has the hood on. He looks so snuggly and cute. So Cuddy-bear-esque.
-Pierzynski so just said something to Crede, probably "I miss your epic neck massages in the hot tub after each game"

Bottom of The First

-Dickey does not have a dickey on. I am so sad.
- Uhm, Delmon Young you are an epic failure. I don't know how to feel about that error and lack of catching that ball. Lets blame it on the wind? BERT stop being a homer.
- Nick has a beanie under his hat. And that makes his cuteness level to level "seafoam green"
- Dickey strikey outy.
- two on board for Jim Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Thome
- Thanks Dick for telling me Dickey got pounded last year VS the White Sox. I didn't miss your negativity.
- I can has Jim Thome strike out? Yes <3
- Morneau, I love you.

Top of The Second
-Air Supply as his intro song!? I just laughed so hard. That was probably amazing. Wait...that was the best thing ever.
-CREDE HOME RUN AHHHHHH, I feel so grand right now!! Oh, I love baseball. I think we need air supply as his walk on song from now on. Agreed?

+my interwebs is being mean, I'll update when I can. All I can say is Joe Crede= love


haasertime said...

Watching Crede hit bombs at the cell for us instead of the against us is weird. but good. Kindve like a q-tip.

S.Rail said...

The White Sox Salivate over Joe Crede. They are so jealous of us now!

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