Friday, April 17, 2009


I am so glad we won in the manner we did tonight, otherwise Gardy would of just broke down and cried.

He seemed so bummed last night, lets thank the greatness that is Jason Kubel who hit for the cycle tonight. I have been hearing so many people saying the Twins suck etc blah blah. Last time I checked the season JUST started, and they have a ton of games to go.
Just be happy you aren't the Washington Senators. If I was a Washington Senators fan this year, or a Seattle Mariners fan last year. I wouldn't be too happy. Oh and also, be happy you aren't a Cubs fan.

I see this team, and it is capable of so many things. Like tonight for example, we didn't have Young, Gomez, or Casilla and we still pulled it off. Every person on that team has a purpose. I just am iffy with the whole pitching staff.

Tonight, all in all I am glad to finally see Kubel smile for more than .001 of a second.


S.Rail said...

Kubel has the best smile. Have you seen him when his eye twitches? It's like he's winking right at you!

Anonymous said...
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Karleeee said...

His twitching eye is such the flirt <3

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