Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best team ever!

....well standings wise we are #1.
We'd be going to the play offs if the baseball season were 3 games....

Here is my thoughts so far on this team this year:

+I chose Cuddyer to pick on because I know he'd prove me wrong. Maybe he is scared he'll break all his fingers and miss the rest of the season like he did last year. Thats why most of the time the bat didn't leave his shoulder. Rbi leader, I say I am sorry. FOR NOW.

+Joe Crede has anger issues. I mean by all means get pissed off at yourself for striking out, throwing your bat, gloves and helmet. Just use that anger to actually HIT the ball next at bat k? Oh I also love that his walk on song is Metallica. He is so hard core.

+Nick Punto was already shown on the final score for his double play amazingness. He is eligable for a golden glove this year, I officially start the PUNTO FOR SS GOLDEN GLOVE, BLOW ME JETER 09. His walk on song is "Thriller"....I swear my crush gets bigger as each day goes by. It's disgusting to tell you the truth.

+Shit...........I miss Joe Mauer.

+ I love D-Span. Each day goes by, he gets more amazing and I think less and less of sweetcheeks...*weeps* Tooooooooooooorri.

+My friend had on a rivas t-shirt tonight, I love her.

+ Joe Nathan is not human.

+ Gomez, SETTLE. NOW.

+I really really really really miss Mauer. It's like that annoying neighboor that always has to talk to you when you go to your car? And you are like "why are they ALWAYS outside? Do they just WAIT TO ANNOY ME!?" then one day you go outside and you get that "i just got spooked" feeling. Said neighboor is nowhere to be seen. You shake it off. Then the days go by and no said neighboor. Your whole life is off it's axis. I need you Mauer, like bee's need flowers, and us needing bee's to pollenate the flowers to produce oxygen and...I need my honey! I want my honey back!

+We are 3 games deep, and I am already being a complete spazz. For the two people who read this (HI MOM!)* get excited.

*: my mother does not read this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU TOO KARLEE! <3love, your friend who was wearing the rivas jersey.

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