Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening day blues

Here I go being a debbie downer right off the bat, but it needs to be done.
I serve it up straight, with no filler, tough love my friends.

Michael Cuddyer needs to learn how to step out of his comfort zone. To me he seemed very reserved, and waaaaaaaaay too picky at bat. The guy barely swung, yes he got a run but he also struck out what seemed like 4904908 times. Yes, 4904908 times. I can go on and say that it's beginning of the season and he will get better but it felt just like the little of the Cuddyer we saw last year. He is past his prime in my eyes.

Wow I really shouldn't be blogging and listening to Metallica at the same time. It's anti Cuddyer music I guess.

This is what in my mind, was going to happen last night:

Liriano going 6 innings, 8ks with 1 earned runs and 4 hits. Then in comes Jesse Crain giving up 30 hits and 24 earned runs. Hmmmm weird, the guy next to me asked his friend is that was Juan Rincon when the Crainadian came out. I held back my laughter.

SIDE NOTE: I DON'T LIKE KEN GRIFFEY JR. Every game I've gone with him in it, he's gotten a HR. And every time it reminds me of little big league. He crushes my hopes and dreams. Him, Frank Thomas, Jim Thome and Nick Swisher can suck it.

Tonight will be better. Oh yes, it will be.

ps: Punto's ass was in prime ship shop shape last night. Esp when he was charging home plate then ran back to third and yelled SAFEEEEE. lol.

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