Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is what happens during a rain delay.

What I am about to tell you right now furthers the reasoning as to why I love this team to pieces:

I sit here watching the pre-game show to the second game that probably won't happen.
Who in the hell schedules the only time the Twins and Bo Sox meet in Boston IN APRIL?
Idiots...anyways. They show Scott Baker in the club house, mind you he blew and his name anagram "rocket bats" fit him too well giving up three two run home runs. But oh, this isn't why I love them.

He's being all quiet, and scott baker-y and all a sudden I hear a loud squeal, at first I thought Nick Punto accidentally turned around and saw Mike Redmond in his face (you all know EXACTLY what I mean), but then I started to hear the theme music to Jurassic Park. JURASSIC PARK! MY FAVORITE MOVIE. And I know the exact scene they were watching. It's when the family is getting ran out of the building by the velociraptors and they go to the main concourse where the huge t-rex skeleton is. And then they are like "OH NOES WE DED" and then T-Rex comes in and its like "NOM NOM NOM raptor NOM NOM NOM...*huge roar*", and they run out like "omgz, thank u t rex ahhhh"

Shooooooooooot Haaaaaaaa!

So MN TWINS, you are on thin ice. You better win your next game. If it's tonight or not. Jurassic Park saved your ass. Otherwise I would of ripped Scott Baker a new whatty-you-think.

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