Thursday, February 4, 2010

ohhhh, la la.

I made a new header, isn't it just beautiful? I know, I know...isn't it just crazy I never went to one photoshop/graphics class? I am stunned too.

So I decided a new thing this season I will be doing Tweetsday Tweets. Thursday is now Tweetsday. I will be posting my favorite Tweets from baseball players and obviously picking what they say apart and make silly accusations. So today will be the first Tweetsday Tweets!

The first comes from my favorite baseball player ever.


@NickSwisher What did you have for lunch today?

I had Jambalaya, Nick Swisher. I surely hope you had a big steaming bowl of shut the fuck up.

Today was a long day. I'm on my way hone from gettin swole! Lol

Okay Denard, I will let you get by with one typo. Since you are new to Twitter. I am very pleased with you using the word Swole. My girl crush just got crushier. So much I have to show one more of your recent Tweets, which was a three part tweet but I will combine them all.

@thisisdspan I see that my humor has brought more humors back towards me! Why r u guys getting mad at me for the weather here?!we all have choices in Life and all u twins fans decide to live in Minnesota where u get no sun for 11 months and do fun things like ice fishing and drinking hot Chocolate all day long! Lol I mean honestly I so very NOT jealous of minnesotoans lol! But that's why I love u guys bc u go thru a lot and I've also been threw a lot.

Oh Denard, you young tweeter. I know it's hard to write on iphones and the such. Denard I will bring all the humors back towards you, if you know what I mean. This mass tweet made me crack up, I am glad he pointed out how insane we are that we live in a place with no sun, and all we do is fish and drink hot chocolate. Because really, I'm not going to be the one standing in center field after they plowed 5 inhes of snow off of the field in 30 degree weather, you are. I'll be in the stands wrapped up in a damn snuggie singing "lets get Denarded! Ha! Let's get Denarded IN HERRRRRE"....and more than likely drinking hot chocolate.

I sense that Denard will be the Minnesota Twins version of @vshiancoe

And now onto our final Tweetsday Tweet!

mattholliday7 Big fan of the new creed album, helps me get through long bike workout

.......Creed? Really? Oh before I say anything he decided to lash out and Tweet this minutes after the tweet I just showed you "Save it all you creed haters, I'm sure your iPod is filled with perfection. Let me know what's cool"

Damn straight my iPod is filled with perfection. Anything with Huey Lewis and the News, Spandau Ballet, Rick Astley, and *NSYNC is damn near perfection. Silly Matt Holliday. Whatever makes you sleep at night, or...get you through your bike workouts. I suggest he tries out Joe Mauers walk on song on repeat. (I highly suggest nobody put themselves through such torture)

Lastly, I made an OMGMNTwins twitter! BE ONE OF MY MINIONS. <3


And if you want to dabble into my personal life:

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