Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yay Hudson!

No, not you Wisconsin....the cooler Hudson. Orlando.

Wait, I just realized his name consists of two city names. How about that.

Maybe his name tells us a little about himself.

Hudson is a quaint city on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota on the great St.Croix River. Weird...the TWIN cities is split by a river. Coincidence, I think not. Eat that, J.J Abrams. I could so write LOST.

As for Orlando, it's full of attractions, and Orlando is attractive? And....yeah I got nothing.

So lets celebrate!

Celebration cat! Not enthused, but still celebrating none the less!

Welcome to this frigid freakin' state. It's way different than Los Angeles. Woah, another mystical connection. Dougie Baseball plays for the Dodgers, you used to play for the Dodgers and he used to play for the Twins! I could do this Kevin Bacon thing with every player I think in the league. So that wasn't even mystical. At all.

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