Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I would just like to say how pointless the castillo trade was.
Terry. You made Castillo cry.
And probably Punto too..hell all of them.

Get minor league players for castillo rum?
And the deadling is approaching..3 o clock.
I wonder what he has up his sleeve.

I want shannon stewart.OMIGZ I miss you.

And I enjoy the sammy sosa talks. (makes me laugh)
Him and Tiny dancer would get along b/c Tiny dancer got a HR.

Mike Pizza delivery man?
He was so studly back in the day.
Fan girl crush for sure.
But isn't he like..60..and isn't sammy sosa like 80?

*shuffles feet*
If we trade Torii.
I'll have a seriously problem.
And that problem my friends is called;

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Rachel_Slowey said...

Castillo was gone at the end of the year anyways..

but 2 minor leaguers for him?

um no... k thanks

usually T-Ryan does a good job..

but T-Ryan has upset me

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