Friday, July 27, 2007

m-m-m-more yes oh NO.

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My name is morneau and i come from the land.
The land of the hockey and maybe the..uh..base-a-ball.
I lived on the west side betch you best believe.
I can't rap worth shit but look at my chain.
Watch it swang swang swang.
uh uh.
Chicks dig the long ball. I'll show you my swing.
Swing-a batta batta swing *thrust*
I'll bring you up at plate and go BA-zing!
Boom boom here I go. I'm the gangsterist 'ish since....
Uh.uh. That other Canadian.
ricky ricky ricky reet reet ara ara skeet skeet.
Vanilla ice suck my WHATTTT.
I eat ketchup chips and maple cookies.
Jimmy johns jimmy johns me love you long time.
I'll be mixing your insant mac n cheese with my rbi bat.
Mauer has a pic of me bunting on top of his fireplace....wait.
Wow..sorry...cut..cut..OH STOP THE TAPE *scratch*

*long pause*

Betch pleaze.


1 comment:

Katie said...

You are so funny, gosh darnit.

I love it.

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