Friday, July 27, 2007

karlee loves

Pulling a Blyleven

For doing some of the team mates names in anagrams.
This gave karlee an idea she couldn't resist.

I'm bored. and anagrams are fun.

WARNING: Some of these might be perverted. But I put it through an anagram maker thing a ma jig. So...yeah..NOT my fault. Proceed if you cant handle swear words.

Pat Neshek:
Keen Paths. (Oh yes my young padawan)
pees thank (heh..)
peen khats (it says peen. yep.)
phat knees (I must say his knees are pretty zexy)
spank thee (JACK POT!)

Justin Morneau:
outrun jasmine (id hate to be her)
autumn rejoins (sounds so fancy)
injure amounts (ORLY?)

Nick Punto:
side note: And they say his name ISNT dirty.
cunt pinko (cant..breathe..laughing..too..hard..)
no nutpick (pretty much sums it up right there.)
punk tonic (sounds like a bad-ass drink)
cop nut ink (that just sounds disgusting. nick your gross.)
no nip tuck (Wow..I really don't enjoy that show...)
Johan Santana: anagramless.

Micheal Cuddyer:
reclaimed duchy (sounds funny. say it outloud.)
ache cruddy lime (sounds like me after too many coronas)
achy cuddlier me (awwww)
a recycled humid (.....okay)

Jason Tyner:
enjoy rants (I bet.)
jenny roast (so he eats humans eh?)
trojans yen (.....)

Boof Bonser:
freon boobs (sexy)

Jason Bartlett:
banjo tartlets (that should be a rockabilly band name)
trojans battle (omg NO WAI)

Jason Kubel:
juans bloke

Scott Baker:
back otters
rocket bats (thanx pullin a blyleven)

Bert Blyleven:
verb bent yell (so true.)

Torii Hunter:
interior hut

Ron Gardenhire:
heroin gardner ( I KNEW IT)

I'll do more, but for now my computer is being an ass-jack.

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