Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Blue Jays- 139,004,449 Twins-1

We are like hmm 4350948 games behind.
Thats OKAY.

But todays game. It sucked all the hope out of me. I'm not jumping off the twins wagon I'm just done fighting with my demons and trying to brain wash myself. Maybe if I think it won't happen, it will. No more high hopes for this lil lady.
The detroit sweep botherd me but I still had that "it's okay GUYS! WE CAN DO IT!!11one" feeling.

Now it's just.
*sighs* guys..*shuffles feet* uh..lets get drunk.

At this point I don't know whats going to happen trade wise. Or the whole thing with the "OMGhypervenaltesTORIIHUNTER!" ordeal.
I don't care about that anymore. ALL I care about is watching the twins play.
Even if they lose horribly and make me binge eat on candy,watermellon gum that loses its flavor within 30 seconds and drinking so many bottles of water all of the electrolites in my body have drained out and I have not even an hour left to live.

Right now. All I need is a win. Just one, just to bring my spirits back up. I don't care about the whole play offs thing anymore, I just want to see them happy again, and winning. Doesn't matter. Just be happy.
*sings that dont worry be happy song*

I haven't written in a while because I'm bad with keeping at doing one thing. And sticking to it. (like the twins. okay ouch. bad one karlee.)

Go Twins. Keep that spirit alive even though canadia spanked us.

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