Tuesday, July 3, 2007

sdf;lkjdfodiudfkjdfkj *ZAP ZAP YANKEES*

I could so say soooo many r-rated words
(like torii did tonight. I think he dropped that there f-bomb over 15 times.)
I don't like you.AT ALL.

I hope for us getting so riled up tonight we'll kick some yank ass tomorrow.

I'm glad torii said what he felt to the ump.
I was like "if we have no chance of winning..might as well start a rumble"

Then not even 3 minutes later. Ump made a bad call on Nick.
Nick did his mumbling I'm mad I want to kill you but..breathe in one..breathe out two..I'm okay okay..I'll just have some sweedish fish and go into the duggout because I'm a nice guy.....oooh TORII NOOOOOESSS!!!!111one.

Then BAM the toriisaurussex came out wanting a piece of that ump.
And he so did.
Sometimes I wish they have mics on them at all times, and somehow in a world where swear words could be heard on national television....it would be a good day.

Were 6 behind in the wild card
.8 behind first.
1 run scored in the past 30 innings?
NO!NAUGHTY! *sprays them with water*

I still love you though, I won't jump off the twinkie train of love and happiness.

kick them BITCHSOXXXezzzz..

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