Wednesday, July 25, 2007

round up.

My thoughts on the past games I missed writing about.

Joe Mauer. In the park home run. YAY.
Two homes runs in one night Morneau. YAY.
Puntos avg. FINALLY going up. YAY.
Rondell White. YAY.
Pitching (until the last two games) YAY.
Lew Ford catching balls, AND seeing them. YAY.
Punto making crazy plays like he always does. YAY

Everything else.
Cuddy being hurt.
Hunter being hurt then being sick.
Redmond being hurt.
Oh yeah, and all the flipping errors we've been making.
I could go on but I know the nays would be bigger than the yays.
So lets just look at the yay's and feel happy.

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