Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So..this guy walks into a bar..

And he ask's for a Busch Light.
And I laugh.


KC (we have good ribs, no not R.B.I's..Ribs. like..with the sauce.) 1
MN (we have better baseball..And we HAVE r.b.i's. Ya know..the kind when you score?) 3

Muffin Man..does whatever a muffin man can. Right lil Scotty Baker?
And you did.
Punto at 2nd huh. I would say "well why doesn't he just play 3rd like always and busch light can play on 2nd..oh.oh..oh...oh wait..he isn't good enough to play any position he wants...unlike Punto.. Okay thanks."
Oh wait I just said it. Well there you go. I said it. Who wants to fight?

Brought out his boom stick to do some magic. Last time I checked you weren't good with people on bases and two outs. But hey...your "Joe Mauer" I forgot. I'm sorry.

Jason-free-bird-sammy-sosa-jr-Tyner is on a roll.
He gives me the giggle-fits whenever he hits the ball.
And thanks for almost giving me an seizure when you ALMOST got another home run.
Did you start eating Jimmy Johns and Mac and Cheese?
Do you wake up on the right side of the bed now too?
Do you sleep in the huge milk jug(r.i.p, it isn't there anymore..I don't know for how long..but I bet it's still there but I'm too stupid to realize it because I'm paying attention to staring at peoples asses and such) at the dome with Justin? Did you visit canada? (I don't know..I just pulled that one out of my ass)

De Jesus.
Stole ze ball from De Hunterist of all hunters.
Payback is de betch.

This made me laugh:
IBB: Hunter (by Gobble).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It sounds like..some guy hunting for turkeys.
Okay I haven't had my morning coffee yet.
I don't want to get all batty and stuff. I have the past couple of days.
Decided to tone it down a bit. (but we all know a bit isn't enough.)
(shhh..I know its almsot 12 in the afternoon.)

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